If chewing on plastic bottles is your happy hound’s idea of a good time, he’ll really enjoy swigging on the ZippyPaws Vodka Happy Hour Crusherz Dog Toy. Place any empty water bottle inside the fabric sleeve to dress it up as a bottle of 80 proof! The plastic core is fun for crunching, and a squeaky cap makes hitting the sauce even more enjoyable for pooches of all ages. Now your furry friend can drink responsibly!

Key Benefits

  • Comes with a free empty plastic bottle, but can be placed over any standard-sized water bottle whenever the old one wears out.
  • Makes a satisfying crunch with every chomp.
  • Includes a squeaky cap that’s so popular with dogs, this toy has become the toast of the town.
  • Completely safe to chew on — no hair of the dog remedies required!
  • Manufactured to high quality standards for maximum enjoyment.

Zippypaws Happy Hour Crusherz - Vodka