The Portion Pacer is designed to slow how fast a dog eats or drinks. Studies show that Bloat is the second leading cause of death in dogs. Gulping is the leading cause of Bloat. The Portion Pacer helps prevent Gulping, Choking, Vomiting, and Bloat. Can help your dog eat or drink up to 8 times slower. Measure your feeding dish to see which spacer is the right size for you? You might want two? One for the water bowl and one for the feeding bowl? We have the 2.8 inch and the 3.5 inch. You want to make sure their is about 1inch around the ball with it being in the middle. These are dishwasher safe! Please let us know which size you want and again you can always get the bigger size later. 

Omega Paw Dog Hog Stainless Steel Portion Pacer 3.5"