Bass Double Sided Brush

  • Ergonomic, two-sided brush with bristles and pins
  • Dual use brush eliminates the need for multiple tools
  • Features 100% boar bristles on one side and moulded wire pins on the other
  • Bamboo, rubber, wire, boar bristles
  • 24cm long

This ergonomically shaped brush features moulded wire pins inlaid in a soft rubber cushion on one side, designed for gentle detangling and the separation of the top coat from the undercoat without dragging. On the reverse side are boar bristles, which stimulate oil glands to produce a sleek and shiny look while also removing loose hair and debris. This brush is ideal for taking to grooming competitions or dog shows.

Bass have manufactured premium, high quality pet brushes for over 30 years. All Bass brushes are made from natural bamboo, an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Each innovative Bass product is constructed to create durable, effective, professional, and luxurious dog grooming brushes.

Bass Brushes Double Sided Boar Bristle/Wire Pin