When you have a pup shedding or with loose fur you want to get out, the Bass Long and Short Tooth Comb is ready to tame even the most challenging coats. Teeth are all evenly spaced and 1.5 inches in length including the handle. The handsome chrome plated finish will not wear off unlike other cheaper made brands. 

BASS has been in the business of looking good for nearly 30 years. They now have a Pet Grooming Section that offers a series of Metal Pet Combs for all your pet grooming needs. They come in "Fine", "Alternating", and "Wide Tooth" Comb styles. 
Bass Alternating Tooth Comb is good for shedding and discarding loose fur
3/4" long teeth length; 1/2" short teeth length
14 Teeth per Inch

Bass Brushes Alternating Short/Long Tooth Comb