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Northwest Service Dog Training Association


A Service Dog can be a form of life support for many. Golden Retrievers can make some of the best service dogs. They are always so eager to please and their happy and goofy personalities are often the perfect medicine for anyone struggling with a life altering medical condition. Northwest Service Dog Training Association is a registered Non-profit with the state of Washington. We are ready to start business however we have so much fundraising that needs to take place. We have the dogs, now we need a facility and employees.  We also need volunteers of all kinds. We need expertise in these areas

*Legal Counsel


*Board of Directors




*Guardian Families for the puppies first year

A market analysis was done to see what it would cost to start a service dog center for Children and Veterans and it was estimated to be a 2 million dollar project. I know that we can cut many costs with your help. If you can find a place in your heart to pray, donate or volunteer we would be forever grateful. This passion of ours started with our special needs child Hailey. Hailey really needed a service dog and we just couldn't get one for her. I have invested into some of the best lines of golden retrievers in the world and am willing to use many of their offspring to help others in need like my daughter Hailey was at one time. Like a person needing oxygen to stay alive a person often needs a service dog to stay alive and they should be able to have access to get that life supporting measure. 

If you are interested in making a difference you can mail a check to Northwest Service Dog Center Training Association or you can donate via our online donate today button!



PO BOX 2787

Chelan, WA 98816

You can call (509)-888-4186


This is one of the greatest moments in our lives and a dream of mine to be able to give back something so great to our community.  With not enough service centers for children, adolescents and adults with disabilities, PTSD, depression, autism or suffers from any physical or mental health problems.   It is and will be very important to any community to have a well established service center in or out of their area that can provide services to areas that have little or no service center available.  It will provide jobs to people in the area and help with the local economy.  With so many service agencies with years and years of patients on waiting lists and the high cost of their animals, we will be working very hard to cut down the wait time and the cost to clients through reduced rates and donations.


Our goal is to raise enough funds to buy or thru donations a large enough piece of property to build a state of the art training facility to house an office, training area indoors and outdoors, a sanitary wash station, a emergency/vet clinic, sleeping area, storage, meeting room for the staff, and a room for a trainer to be on site.  We plan to also add a house for patients to stay and have hands on training with their dog.  The house would also house an office for a Doctor/Nurse/Social worker to be on site.

Based on how everything is working we will start with doing one or two types of training for service dogs and add in therapy dogs and comfort dogs for our clients based on the need of what type of dog they need.

Our 5 year plan is already in the making with a board of directors, doctors, social worker, Vets, trainers and other team members as part of the overall staff.  Legacy Champion Golden’s has a program in place to have dogs go to family’s for training and to be bred as part of our program.  These puppies will be carefully selected to go to the center for specific type of training.  Puppies not selected will be sold to regular families for pets.  After five years each breeding dog will go to a adoption family as a permanent pet donated by Legacy Champion Goldens.   Legacy Champion Golden’s is dedicated to provide a high line of healthy puppies, whose temperament will fit with this type of training to the Service Center.  After a few years we will begin our ten year plan based on needs of our clients and the communities no matter where they are.​ Our goal is too be located to an area where we can assist disabled clients, veterans and children.


What we need, is people who have the desire to help others not only less fortunate but those who have a disability that having a dog will help change their lives forever.   Through volunteers helping, with onsite training, bathing, feeding, cleaning, helping build the center and spreading the word thru social media, friends, family and work.  Volunteers can donate money through a donation site, donate time in many areas.  Volunteering ones time, skills, experience and love is one of the greatest things another human can do for them self’s and others.


Each cash donation no matter big or small will help with building the center, food for the animals, equipment such as collars, leashes, and training to help offset the cost of the dogs going to assist their new family.

Based on the needs of the center and an actual design by an engineer in what we are looking at, we are estimating a cost of $2,000,000.  We will also have to factor in the cost for land and a house for clients to stay at to work on training with their dogs.  Legacy Champion Golden’s is looking at relocating in early 2018 and finding land that will be large enough to accommodate our family, the training center, and a home training center for the clients.  

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