Champion of India,Thailand and Chile

Hashgold's Siomha Jurel




Hashgold's Siomha Jurel

European Show Dog 

Owned and loved by Gary and Megan Hammon

      Jurel Goldens



Siomha's Health Clearances 


Hashgolds Siomha Jurel
"Siomha "

Imported from India




Champion Golden


CHIC Number:133133

Hip clearance:OFA GR-122777G26F-VPI

Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE15567/27F-VPI (8/18)

Heart clearance:OFA GR-ACA2905/27F-VPI

Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL42420F26-VPI

Dentition clearance:Full - no dropped incisors

Golden Retriever Genetic Panel


 Siomha's Results 

PRCD- Paw Print Clear

PRA1- Paw Print Clear

PRA2- Paw Print Clear

ICT- Paw Print Clear

DM- Paw Print Clear

Paw Print Genetics Data
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Hi, I'm Hashgolds Siomha Jurel. My family calls me Siomha. I was born in Argentina at Jurel Goldens. I started showing as a puppy. I love going to shows. I made my first big trip to India where I won my first championship. I then travel to Chile and won a second championship. I left for Thailand and won a third championship. From there I traveled to America and came to Legacy Champion Goldens, which is where I call home. My Brother Vicenzo also lives with us. I love him so much. You should check out his page and follow his journey. he is making it big time in the show world. Just a proud sister talking!