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Legacy's Arya


Arya's Health Clearances 


Legacy's Arya

Raised in Washington State

Microchip Number- 933000120068603

 AKC SR92363008



American Golden

AKA Red Field Golden


       OFA- Hip clearance- GR-123165G28F-PI

 OFA-Elbow clearance- GR-EL42811F28-PI

OFA Eye clearance- GR-EYE15702/30F-VPI

OFA Heart clearance- GR-CA33685/30F/P-VPI



Legacy's Arya's Titles and Achievements


The AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy is an exciting program designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start. The AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program is an incentive program for loving dog owners who have taken the time to take their puppies through a basic training class.


CGC is a ten-skill training program that’s open to all dogs–purebred and mixed breed–that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community. 

After mastering the ten skills, passing the CGC test together, and taking the Responsible Dog Ownership pledge, you and your pup will join the proud ranks of over 1 million dogs who have earned their Canine Good Citizen award– accomplishment that’s definitely worthy of extra belly rubs! 


CGCA- AKC Community Canine expands on CGC skills and lays the beginning foundation for obedience, rally and therapy dog work,” Director of the Canine Good Citizen program Mary Burch, PhD, said. “While Canine Good Citizen tests are simulations of real world skills, the goal of AKC Community Canine is to test the dog’s abilities in a natural setting. Rather than the test being administered in a ring, certain elements will involve the dog walking through a real crowd, whether at a dog show or on a busy sidewalk.”

As with CGC, AKC Community Canine requires a 10-step test of skills that dogs must pass to earn the official AKC Community Canine title:


  • Dog sits or lies down and waits under control

  • Walks on a loose leash in a natural situation (not in a ring) and does not pull                         

  • Walks on a loose leash through a crowd

  • Dog walks past distraction dogs present and does not pull                               

  • Sit-stay in small group (3 other people with dogs)

  • Dog allows person who is carrying something to approach and pet it

  • Dog walks by food and follows owner instructions, “Leave it”                  

  • Down or sit stay-distance (owner’s choice)       

  • Recall (coming when called) with distractions present

  • Dog will enter/exit a doorway or passageway with owner and remain under control


AKC Urban CGC is a public access test that demonstrates dogs are well-behaved and well-trained when in public settings. The Urban CGC test can be used by dog- friendly business (e.g., lodging, retail, transportation, public facilities) to recognize and accept dogs with good manners.


AKC Trick Dog Novice- To be eligible for the AKC Trick Dog Novice Title, your dogmust have been observed by a CGC Evaluator doing 10 tricksfrom the list of accepted tricks, and must have previously earned the Novice Trick Dog Title

AKC Fit Dog Participant- Now more than ever, fitness is important for both dogs and people. The most commonly recommended exercise to improve fitness is walking. Walking is considered a safe activity that improves muscular strength, circulation, memory, weight loss, increases energy, helps with sleep, and reduces stress. The American Heart Association recommends walking a minimum of 150 minutes per week. Participation in the AKC FIT DOG program will bring health benefits to both you and your dog.

If you walk with your dog on a regular basis, join the ranks of AKC FIT DOG and get your free (5-3/4 inches) FIT DOG logo car magnet.


The AKC FIT DOG magnet proudly declares to the world that you are committed to your dog’s health and fitness through regular exercise.

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