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We take Venmo for the deposit or Paypal. Deposit is $650 dollars.

Venmo Handle Megan-hammon-2 last four of phone number 7403


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Message us when all steps are completed so we can get you on our list for a puppy. Feel free to text or call with questions

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Available now 

We are retiring 3 of our breeding females. They are champions and $2999 dollars each. They range in age from 5-6 years old. If you are interested please reach out to meganhammon23@gmail.com

We also have puppies arriving in January 2022 and we are taking deposits for those litters and all of 2022-2023. 

Vicenzo & Roxy Puppies arrived August 2022
                 Accepting Deposits 


Vicenzo and Roxy litter list

Boy Puppies
1. Reserved
2. Reserved
3. Reserved
4. Available
5. Available
6. Available


Girl Puppies




     We would like to thank you for choosing to learn more about our family dream. Our amazing family of customers have put their trust in us and we are honored to be able to provide them with their new family member.


     We have loved and cared for each puppy long before they were even born.  We strive to do all we can to develop healthy, happy, loving dogs. We are continually improving our breeding and raising practices to bring about cherished life companions, therapy dogs, show dogs, breeding dogs and service dogs.


      Our hope is that you will find a golden and find great joy raising and training your Golden as they continue their life's work and journey with you. 


     We would love for you to share updates and photos of this excited time on our FB group page - Tsillan Goldens Friends and Family.


    To all of our previous, current and customers yet to be, You have become a part of our Legacy and therefore a part of our dream. Our small family business began as a dream - By supporting us you are becoming a part of our Legacy.

                                                                                  THANK YOU,


                                                                                 Tsillan Goldens



(509) 860-7403

Customers/Friends & family only

If you have a deposit in, please send a request to join our private Facebook Group called: Tsillan Goldens Friends & Family. If you click on the image of the group it will take you right to the group, this is where you can request to join. Please make sure to answer all three questions. This groups was designed by Tsillan Goldens and Tsillan Goldens holds all rights to the group. This group is a wonderful resource to let siblings of Tsillan Goldens Connect and stay in touch! Hopefully lots of funny stories, encourgement and even advice from one puppy family to another can be shared! This page was designed to create friendships and support for our Golden families!

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please note we are not veterinarians. the information that we provide is based on our own experience and knowledge, and is intended to help our puppy owners provide the best possible life for their golden's. tsillan Golden's shall not be held liable for any damages or loss incurred due to the information that we provide please consult your

 veterinarian before practicing our information.